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The 850 Store is closing down.

After supporting and modifying 850's for well over a decade it is time for me to  retire.
It's time for me to shoot Airguns and enjoy them.

I'm currently working on the few 850's left in my queue and will be not accepting any new work.
All the parts I have left are accounted for. 

I will still be available to answer questions and offer advice if needed.
I'll leave my e-mail address up for this purpose.

For those needing better Hammer springs:
   Call Umarex directly and order the hammer spring for the Dominator 1250
   It will overcome valve lock and also work on HPA for regulators set to around 1700psi

For 9oz Conversions:
  Call Dennis at 937-660-9152 and order the 850 to 9oz adapter directly from him.
  9oz tanks can be bought on e-bay for good prices, shop around.

If you need help, as always feel free to contact me.

Take care,




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