Please read the notes below.
As before, The 850 Store will close for it's annual R&D period,
starting 12/01/2014 ending 02/01/2015

This gives me time to develop some new toys for you folks to play with next year. 
This time of year is the quietest period for air gunning and will impact the least people.
I have a 7 week queue of rifles that I am working on right now. These will all get done by the
dates promised, but will cause a significant reduction in my R&D schedule.
Due to this fact, I have stopped taking new orders effective 11/14/2014, sorry for any disappointments this may cause.
I will continue to answer e-mails and help folks with questions or problems.
If you are going to want a new 850 in the new year, by all means e-mail me and let me know, I will keep all these e-mails
in a February 2015 folder and contact all of you on 02/01/2015 to let you know that the store has opened.
Only orders received after that point will be placed in the queue for next year.
I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Be safe, see you all next year.

Part of my efforts during this time will be to bring to you a bottled and regulated Marauder and maybe even Hatsan AT44-S10.
I will be working on improving the plenum size on the .22 850 to achieve higher power output for those who hunt and want
to use super heavy pellets. and as always also looking to improve long distance accuracy..         


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This is my Passion, but not my day job...
This is a hobby for me, my prices are just over cost, to cover expenses.
Although I always do my best to help everyone in a timely fashion,
sometimes its just not possible.
Please be patient.

The 850 Store offers a Full Tune along with the most popular mods and conversions for the Umarex / Hammerli / RWS 850 Air Magnum.

We can convert your 850 into a Powerful and accurate rifle with solid performance at a reasonable price.

The 850 is an exciting low cost, high quality and extremely fun airgun to shoot.
After the tune, it's accuracy rivals the best out there. Capable of producing true single hole 8 shot groups at 20yds.
Performance varies depending on your choice of fuel. (CO2 or HPA)
Typical average velocities are:

Pellet weights used in testing:
7.9gr for .177
14.3gr for .22 
25.4gr for .25

CO2 at 85F:
.177 800fps
.22  700fps
.25 conversion  550fps *** Available soon ***

.177 1100fps (velocity can be reduced upon request)
.22  980fps
.25  conversion 850fps  *** Available soon ***

Accuracy and velocities are guaranteed. (on all new rifles)

There are many options for the 850 . They are listed here, along with all the different conversions. Please follow the links at the top of this page to learn more.

Please check the new Shipping charges... sorry folks...

New 850's are supplied only with a tune or conversion. 

New 850 Prices
 .177 850 (Gun only) with 2 mags. $270.00 If purchased with any of the tune packages. 
 .22 850 (Gun only) with 2 mags.   $270.00 If purchased with any of the tune packages. 

Any 850 Accessories that Airgun Depot stocks and sells will be available directly from me
at the same Airgun Depot price. However, I will only order accessories upon request.

Standard disclaimers. Pease read:

1. Due to the variables that exist in all airguns, quoted velocities are approximate and represent the average we have experienced to date.
     It is unreasonable to expect a gun that was slow out of the box to achieve better than average, post tune output.

2. Accuracy guaranteed only on rifles purchased from me. I test all rifles I order prior to modification and return any that are not acceptable.

3. Although I try to keep this page as current as possible, please call to get the most recent prices.

4. CO2 and High Pressure Air are dangerous and can Kill or Seriously injure you.
    You use these items and services entirely at your own risk.

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